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Become a Volunteer Trainer

The first step to becoming a volunteer trainer is to watch this training to understand:

1. Our expectations or volunteer trainers;
2. The materials on which we’re asking you to train and;
3. How to get involved in the volunteer trainer community that is growing in Texas.

So please watch the video below in it’s entirety and then fill out the following forms:

You can find the curriculum that is referenced in the video linked below.

Become a Volunteer Trainer

Please click below and fill out this form to add your name to our list of volunteer trainers. By filling out this form you will:

  • Receive a monthly Volunteer Trainers Newsletter from the TDP with training opportunities, training materials and more;
  • Be added to TDP’s trainer database, so we might send you the contact information for new volunteers; and
  • Be expected to train at least ten new volunteers from your community.

In order to be a volunteer trainer, you must have attended a TDP Training of Trainers (ToT) training or have watched our ToT webinar. Please only fill out this form after attending/watching this training.

Volunteer Training Curriculum

This curriculum outlines a training for on-boarding new volunteers. We are asking each Volunteer Trainer to train at least ten new volunteers in the coming months. Feel free to adapt this training to your audience, community and personality, but try to highlight all of the sections included in the curriculum.

Sample Volunteer Training Presentation

Feel free to use or pull from this presentation for your introductory training for your volunteers. To edit, simply go to “File”, then click “Make a Copy”. I do not recommend downloading the file as a Powerpoint presentation.

One-on-One Meeting with Volunteers

Don’t forget the importance of your initial one-on-one meeting with new volunteers. Here’s your cheat sheet on how to frame that conversation.

Join our Volunteer Trainer Facebook community

Connect with other Volunteer Trainers around the state, and stay up-to-date with tools and resources.

Post Training Report

Please fill out this form after each of your volunteer trainings. This will help us collect data on how many volunteers have been trained by our amazing trainers around the state and will ensure their contact information is accurately added to the VAN.

ToT Webinar: Feedback Form

Please share your feedback on the Training of Trainer’s Webinar.

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