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Make Calls to Texas Democratic Seniors

Your Texas Democratic Party is set to launch the most ambitious Vote-By-Mail program in our Party’s history!

This primary season, the Texas Democratic Party has mailed over 700,000 vote by mail applications to seniors across the state. By filling the applications out, signing, and returning them, Democratic seniors will have the ability to vote by mail in the comfort of their own home.

But applications don’t turn themselves in. To succeed in 2018, we must call every senior in order to turn mail-ballot applications into votes for Democratic candidates. We’ll need all hands on deck to chase each application by making phone calls to Democratic seniors

By using the Virtual Phone Bank tool, volunteers can make calls from the comfort of their homes. You will be able to enter responses on your computer screen, and speak to voters in your congressional district. We even provided language for voicemail messages when you catch an answering machine.

Texas Democrats need you to step up and make calls to seniors across the state, so we can send a message to Republicans: the Blue Wave is coming.

Click on your Congressional District below to begin making calls:

Need to find out which congressional district you live in? Click here!

Additional Resources:

Click here to submit information of seniors that request an application (Texas Dems will send applications from Austin to save you money on postage).

You may fill out a blank application for a voter, get their signature, and then mail in applications for those who don’t receive one from the Texas Democratic Party. You MUST fill in the assistant box if you mail the form for the voter. If you mail them a form to fill out, also mail an addressed envelope to mail it to their Early Voting Clerk.

Click here to print blank vote by mail applications.

Click here to access a list of county early voting clerks (in case you are filling out blank applications while knocking doors).

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