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Getting Started as a County Chair in VAN

What is VAN?

VAN (Voter Action Network/ Votebuilder) is a database used nationally by Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations to perform voter contact. Your VAN subscription includes:

  • Lists of registered voters, regularly updated with newly registered voters
  • Platform to canvass, phone bank, record contacts 
  • Scripts with TDP messaging
  • Guidance on who to contact for different types of voter contact, including lists of likely Democrats and persuadable voters and Race/Ethnicity, partisan and issue models
  • Phone numbers, including cells from TDP and DNC acquisitions at no additional cost to the campaign
  • Partnership with mail and digital companies to facilitate easy digital and mail buys 
  • Access to pre-negotiated rates for digital tools (e.g., Mobilize, Hustle)

How do I get a VAN account for my County Party?

  1. If you are a precinct chair contact your county chair, otherwise fill out a VAN ticket form here: 
  2. Once you submit your request, the TDP Data team respond within 1 business day. 
  3. Once your account is created you are good to go!
  4. To log in: 
  5. For more information on critical cyber-security steps we can take for VAN and for protecting our organization’s data in today’s world, please visit:
  6. See for more help on Action ID and 2 Factor Authentication.

How does VAN help my County Party?

  1. Find Democratic voters in your County
    • VAN allows you to cut lists based on geography and various partisan models.
  2. Register folks who moved into your County 
    • VAN is regularly updated with National Change of Address (NCOA) information, so you can see likely Democrats who have moved into your county and need to update their registration and/or register to vote.
  3. Contact voters through a block walk or phone bank 

How can I learn how to use VAN?

Once you sign up for VAN, you will receive access to myriad training options, including:

I’m in VAN, and I see two tabs: My Voters and My Campaign. What’s up with those and how are they different?

  • There are two sides to VAN: My Voters and My Campaign
  • My Voters houses the permanent voterfile whereas, My Campaign is unique to your own campaign
  • My Campaign houses powerful volunteer management & Event tools

Okay, this is great, but it’s a lot. I just want to start blockwalking, calling, and registering voters right away without figuring how to use VAN?!

Go here:

I think phone banking makes sense as a priority for our County right now. How do I do that?

  • We prefer that everyone uses Virtual Phone Bank OR OpenVPB
    • Learn more about the difference between the two here
  • More info on virtual phone banking and how to create and use it here
  • Interested in texting? Get started here
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