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Everything you need to know about running a County Party

Below, watch TDP Chair Gilberto Hinojosa / County Services Director Birk talk about the support and services offered by the County Services Department.


Your dedication to County Party work

Being a County Chair is one of the hardest jobs in politics. So thank you, thank you for stepping up for this challenge, and thank you for coming to this page to find resources and tools to help you better serve your county. 

The County Party Manual: “County Party in a Box” (CPiaB)

For a deeper dive into the role of party chairs, please check out our county party manual, called “County Party in a Box” (quick link at

How to get help from your County Services Team

If you have ongoing questions that are not answered on any of the pages below, please fill out a help ticket at

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County Party in a Box (CPiaB)
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Need Help? Fill out a County Services Help Ticket.
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Party Business & Convention
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Learn More! Check out TDP's Online Learning Platform
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How to Get VAN & VAN Resources
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Get Involved in Organizing Your County
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