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Funding your Campaign

One of the most common pitfalls of otherwise well-run campaigns is failing to set and stick to a fundraising timeline. Either not planning or keeping your campaign accountable to measurable fundraising goals can put you in the position of making tough budgetary decisions.

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Fundraising Trainings

The National Democratic Training Committee NDTC

  • This online academy for candidates includes fundraising among other important topics

The Texas Democratic Party’s Fundraising Course

Fundraising Template

You will need a template or spreadsheet, to set and track top line, periodic, monthly, and your campaigns “Progress to Goal.”

Using your Fundraising Template


  • The first two tabs (“Topline Goals and PtG” and “Topline Cash by Cat. and PtG”) are organized to track your goals within each financial period.
    • You will report your total raise and cash on hand at the end of each periods
    • It’s critical to track and game out how you’re getting to each of these goals

It may be useful to track a campaign’s goals monthly or weekly.

  • The template is on the second and third tab of the Template.

The Template also includes trackers or calendars for each of the major revenue sources. Use this daily or weekly to backwards-plan your fundraising. These revenue sources include:

  • Call time
  • Events
  • High dollar donors
  • Email
  • Social media
  • PACs
  • Fundraising mail, and
  • Finance committees



ActBlue allows you to set up fundraising web pages to collect credit card donations online, for a small percentage of the money you raise.

ActBlue is:

  • A useful resource for county parties as well as Democratic campaigns
  • One of our best progressive partners


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