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Sexual Harassment is a form of discrimination that is prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Texas Democratic Party and campaigns are committed to maintaining a harassment-free environment that encourages and fosters appropriate conduct and respect for individual values among the Texas Democratic Party, its employees, campaign staff, consultants, volunteers, interns, and candidates that is free from sexual harassment in any form.

I pledge to commit to take action in order to eliminate acts of sexual harassment and sexual violence/assault in all democratic party events.

By signing below, I pledge the following:

• To dismantle sexism in my own behaviors and those around me.
• To not tolerate, condone, or ignore sexual harassment of any kind from anyone.
• To take action to prevent sexual harassment and create an inclusive and welcoming
environment for all staff, consultants, volunteers, and interns.
• To take all reports of sexual harassment seriously.
• To ensure that all staff, volunteers, consultants, and interns are aware of how sexual
harassment should be reported and investigated.
• To educate ourselves and others about sexual harassment.

Please sign and return to the TDP at: 1106 Lavaca Street, STE 100, Austin Texas 78701

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