October 27, 2017/Blog

11 Texas Democrats to Dress Up as for Halloween

Halloween is approaching and if you haven’t picked out a costume yet, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. The trickiest part is deciding which Texas Democrat to be.

1. Ann Richards with her Motorcycle

Photo: Jim Myers

You can easily be transformed into the badass, former Governor Ann Richards. Grab a white leather jacket, matching pants, a good wig and don’t forget the motorcycle.

2. Facebook Live Beto O’Rourke

Grab some cardboard and strap yourself into a homemade phone to become Facebook Live Beto! Setting the stage: You’ve been on the road for 17 days talking to thousands of voters from Amarillo to Rockport. Wear a crisp button up, grab a microphone, and start talking with Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and even non-voters about their lives and the change they want to see in our state.

3. Beyonce à la Formation

Photo: Ethan Tobman

Now Ladies {& Gentlemen} let’s get into Formation. What’s a better Halloween costume than dressing up as Queen Bey herself. All you need is a black fedora, black lipstick, chunky necklaces, double braid hair and a whole lotta sass. Don’t forget the hot sauce. #slay

4. Willie Nelson

Photo via Willie Nelson Facebook

Transform into the iconic country musician and Texas icon, Willie Nelson. All you need are a couple braids, a red bandana, and a vintage Texas music tshirt.

5. LBJ at the Texas White House

Photo via LBJ Museum & Library

If you’ve ever dreamed of dressing up as a former Texas President, this is your chance. All you need is a Stetson Open Road hat, a brown jumper, and some old school Texas swagger. Extra credit: bring your beagles to complete the LBJ set!

6. Lady Bird with Wildflowers

Photo via Oregon Travel Experience

Or if you’ve ever dreamed of dressing up as a former First Lady, try this simple yet classic Lady Bird Johnson costume. Pick a chic green dress, a printed scarf, and a bouquet of flowers! #GoneWiththeWindFabulous anyone? Don’t forget to turn up the southern Texan charm ya’ll.

7. Barbara Jordan at the 1976 Democratic National Convention

Photo via YouTube

A groundbreaking African-American woman, Barbara Jordan worked hard to make our country a better place. Be sure to bone up on your knowledge of civil rights, the Watergate trial and our Democratic values. Find some pearl earrings, grab a teal power dress, a pair of glasses and be prepared to make history! ????????

8. Filibuster Wendy Davis

Photo: Eric Gay/Associated Press

Start practicing your squats now, because this lady is S-T-R-O-N-G. Grab your bright pink pair of Mizuno running shoes, because you won’t be able to sit down all night. A blue floral dress and long coat complete the look.

9. Julian and Joaquin Castro

Photo: Getty Images

Grab your twin (or BFF ????‍♂️) and wear matching suits with color coordinated ties. Stand next to one another, wave and flash that kilowatt smile. You’re both proud, hardworking Texas Democrats.

10. Throwback Sylvester Turner and His Abacus

Photo: Veronica Zaragovia

A steadfast lawmaker, current Houston mayor Sylvester Turner is the reliable leader you never knew you needed. Grab a brown suit, glasses, your trustee abacus, and get ready to school everybody you meet.

11. Molly Ivins

Photo via TheNation.com

With pen and paper Molly Ivins is on the story. Combine sharp wit with dry humor, add her iconic wavy ‘do, and be sure to ask hard hitting questions all night long.

12. BONUS: Zodiac Killer Ted Cruz

Photo: theterrabyte.net

Rock your favorite suit and red tie, squared spectacles, and brush up on your cryptograms (with this costume you’ll be sure to ~cruz~ right into every picture of the night).