March 4, 2018/Blog

8 Reasons to Vote in the Texas Primary

1. Voting in every election matters. Right now our Texas Democratic Primary election is happening. Let’s get out there and support our Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.

2. You’re voting for your Texas Bill of Rights. We have 12 big bold ideas that will guarantee the Texas Constitution truly represents the rights for all.

3. Your vote is your voice. Your vote will affect your future. By voting, you are expressing your opinions and interests to the government. If you don’t vote then you are passively accepting anything that comes a long and that you’re fine with it.

4. People died for you to have the right to vote. We can’t forget all the men and women who fought and sacrificed for the ability for everyone to have the right to vote.

5. Higher turnout makes our democracy more representative. Democracies only work if everyone is represented.

6. People still risk their lives for the right to vote. We are lucky to live in a free democracy, let’s show our pride by voting.

7. Primaries are good for our Democracy, they determine our values as a community and help us elect the leaders who fight for those values.

8. You’ll feel good afterwards, voting does that. You just made our founding fathers very happy and satisfied your civic duty. Voting shows you actually care about who leads your country.