June 19, 2018/Blog

A Convention Love Story

1. How did y’all meet?

Cassidy: Well, we met at the 2016 State Democratic Convention Kickoff Party in San Antonio. I saw Leah from across the room with a drink in one hand and taking a selfie with the other, so you could say that the Millennial in me was attracted.

Leah: You’re not wrong, but I feel like we really connected at the Texas Young Democrats After Dark party. It was a packed room yet there you were, on the dance floor, by yourself, dancing to the Backstreet Boys. The Millennial in me was hooked, I knew I needed to be your friend.

2. Did y’all go to any caucuses together?

Leah: Kind of? Cassidy didn’t ask for my number that evening, so we just kind of did our own thing the next day. But we saw each other at the Texas Young Democrats caucus for a few minutes.

Cassidy: Yeah, I forgot to get your number or give you mine. We ended up reconnecting at the Castro brother’s event on Friday though.

3. Tell us a bit about yourselves.

Leah: Who are we outside of politics?

Cassidy: I work for a financial firm working on insurance assignments and customer service.

Leah: I work in the Oil & Gas industry. So…yeah there’s that.

Cassidy: So what were you doing at convention?

Leah: Well, I was supporting my candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton. Why were you there?

Cassidy: I was there supporting my candidate of choice also… Bernie Sanders.

Leah: You mean you weren’t looking for a girlfriend? Well, you got one anyway!

Cassidy: Correct, then we came together politically to work for the greater good and support the Democratic nominee.

4. How did y’all first get involved politics?

Leah: I think mine started by driving my grandmother to the polls; she loved to vote in person and I enjoyed hearing the stories of her voting. But, I feel like I became much more active after my first experience at Planned Parenthood in 2008.

Cassidy: I got involved during my collegiate years. I went to Texas A&M University and really found out who I was as a person, so I became a Democratic Aggie *whoop*.

5. What issues do y’all care about?

Cassidy: My number one issue is the undue influence that money has in politics. I really feel like it undercuts every other issue.

Leah: That’s fair… you’re definitely not wrong. My number one issue is access to safe and legal abortion.

6. Where the two of y’all are at right now?

Leah: We live in southwest Fort Worth with our 4 dogs and we’re locally active in Democratic politics.

Cassidy: Yeah, they’re like our kids. And we’re excited to be the host city for the 2018 convention!

7. Will y’all be attending the convention this year? What are you looking forward to?

Leah: Absolutely! We wouldn’t miss it. What are you most looking forward to?

Cassidy: I’m most looking forward to the Texas Young Democrats After Dark Party. It’s a great event with lots of great people. What about you?

Leah: I’m looking forward to seeing our friends and family from all across the state. I grew up in Sweetwater then lived in Midland for a few years so I’m looking forward to my west Texas Democrats visiting. Oh, and my mom will be here! Cassidy’s friends and family from Houston will also be here, so it’ll be a great time with lots of our favorite people.

8. Any advice for folks attend the 2018 Texas Democratic Convention?

Leah: Wear comfortable shoes, you’ll be doing a lot of walking! You can grab your credentials on Thursday this year, so grab those early and make sure to plan your days accordingly. There are so many caucuses, trainings, and events to attend. Lastly, save some room in your suitcase. Convention has some of the coolest swag ever! Tons of great t-shirts, stickers, etc. What about you, Cass?

Cassidy: I think my advice would be to keep an open mind, smile and introduce yourself to people you may not know! There are tons of great people at convention, lots of friendships are made there. Plus, you never know who you’ll end up meeting.

Leah: Awe 🙂 We’re so looking forward to seeing you at convention! We’ll be there so if you see us, stop us and say hey! We’d love to meet you and hear about why you’re at convention. Also, don’t forget to check out www.texasdemocraticconvention.com for more information.