June 28, 2018/Blog

Everything is on the Line

The future of our country is at stake. Everything is on the line – equality,​ ​voting rights, workers’ rights,​ access to safe and legal abortion, marriage equality and environmental protections​. The stakes have never been higher for the future of our democracy.

Power-hungry Republicans are going to do anything to seize this opportunity to install a right-wing Trump puppet on the highest court. Together we can stop this.

If there was ever any question whether the November elections would be the most important of our lifetime, Justice Kennedy’s retirement should remove all doubt.

The American people deserve a voice in this decision. We cannot allow another Supreme Court vacancy to be ripped from our hands by Republican leaders with no respect for American democracy.

Democrats will fight to protect our democracy, take back Congress, and elect Democrats like Beto O’Rourke. We need someone who will vote for the people of Texas — for your best interests.

We need you — Texas needs you. Let’s remind the nation that WE are bringing the blue wave to Texas.