November 20, 2020/Blog, Media

Texas Democrats Celebrate President-elect Joe Biden’s Birthday!

Today is President-elect Joe Biden’s birthday! Our Texas Democratic community worked incredibly hard to elect Joe Biden. Today, we’re celebrating our president-elect and everything the Biden-Harris administration will do to make life better for Texas families.

This fall, we won a crucial battle for the soul of our nation. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are already hard at work, preparing to restore dignity, decency, compassion, and competence to our highest office. That’s because of Texas Democrats like you, and millions of people around the country who stood up to defend our democracy, our future, and the chance to renew our country’s promise.

With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as our next president and vice president, millions of lives are going to change for the better — at home in Texas and around our country. Here are just a few things the Biden-Harris administration will do:

  • Get the coronavirus under control so we can keep our loved ones safe and build our economy back better
  • Protect and build on the Affordable Care Act and secure healthcare for millions of people
  • Fight for racial justice at every turn
  • Create good new jobs for Texans and people across our country
  • Open the door to a better future — one defined by equality, justice, opportunity and compassion — and bring us together to start building it.

That’s a whole lot to look forward to, and it’s because of your hard work — whether you volunteered, donated, or spread the word to your family and friends. Through the many, many ways you contributed, you built the movement that got closer than ever to turning Texas blue.

This movement depends on Texans like you. We’ll have plenty of work to do in the months ahead, from supporting our friends in Georgia in their Senate fight, to working with the Biden-Harris administration to create real change for Texas families. Sign up here to volunteer in the coming months. Together, we will keep building our Democratic movement and fighting for a better future for our state.