August 2, 2017/Blog, Media

Trump Republicans’ All-Out Attack on Transgender Americans

Hey —

Trump Republicans have launched an all-out attack on transgender Americans who just want to live their lives freely and serve their country with honor.

When I signed up for the U.S. Army, I was 17 years old and living in El Paso. I proudly served 6 years, including 2-year-long tours in Baghdad, Iraq. Not once did the gender or sexual identity of my brothers and sisters-in-arms decrease military readiness.

Donald Trump, a man who has never served anything other than himself, is now shutting the door on those who are laying their lives on the line for our freedom. There is no higher calling than military service to your country. Texas Democrats know that every single service member, veteran and their families deserve our utmost respect.

Here at home, Republicans think they can ignore the voices of thousands of Texans and bully transgender people, but they’re wrong. We will not stop fighting Republican bigotry.

We are on the right side of history.

Texans are rising up to demand real solutions for our families. Democrats are resisting the discriminatory Trump agenda across our state right now. We have organizers on the ground in key districts.

We need you to contribute right now. If we’re going to beat Trump Republicans in 2017, 2018 and beyond, we need a strong foundation right now. We can’t build this party unless our best grassroots supporters — like you — step up. Chip in $7 or more to elect more Democrats:

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MarcoAntonio Orrantia
Former U.S. Army Sergeant
Deputy Data Director, Texas Democratic Party