June 21, 2022/Media, Press

BACKGROUND INFO: How Democrats Will Get Back Texans’ Abortion and Reproductive Rights

AUSTIN, Texas — With Roe v. Wade now having been overturned by the Supreme Court, Texas Democrats are outlining the specific ways in which we will return the bodily rights of Texan women to them once we win in November:


  • Repeal HB 1280, the “Trigger Law” passed in the 87th Legislative Session.
  • Repeal SB 8 (six-week abortion ban)
  • Repeal SB 4 (ban on medication abortion after 7 weeks and the prohibition on telemedicine used to acquire it)
  • Repeal SB 22 (86R, bars Texas governments from contracting with abortion providers or their affiliates)
  • Repeal existing TRAP laws that did not get overturned after Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt
  • Repeal the mandatory 24-hour waiting period before an abortion
  • Repeal the required sonogram and medically inaccurate counseling before an abortion
  • Require health insurers to offer abortion coverage
  • Improve access to contraception, especially in contraception deserts
  • Pass legislation allowing any medical provider back into Medicaid, including any that are affiliated with an abortion provider
  • Pass a state budget that does not include funding for the Alternatives to Abortion program, and instead redirect those funds to legitimate reproductive health care programs
  • Pass the Abortion is Healthcare Act, which was filed for the first time in 2021 and would repeal all Texas TRAP laws