February 18, 2021/Media, Press

Breaking: 7 Million Texans in 110 Counties Have Lost Access to Potable Water While Governor Abbott is Still Collecting Ideas on How to Respond

AUSTIN, Texas —  Today, Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans announced he was still collecting ideas on how to get clean drinking water to Texans now under a boil water notice due to the deadly winter storm.

Over 7 million homes in 110 Texas counties are currently under a boil water notice. 

Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans are to blame for their ineptitude to prepare and respond to deadly winter conditions that blanketed much of the country in snow and ice and resulted in 37 deaths, most of those occurring in Texas.

During his Thursday press conference when asked when he would be taking responsibility for his overall role during the deadly winter storm that left millions without power and water and dozens dead, Abbott again failed to assume his own personal responsibility and shifted blame to others.


Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Leaders lead. They don’t look for excuses or someone to blame, and they don’t avoid their responsibilities. This moment is showing us, yet again, what kind of leader Greg Abbott is. Abbott must take responsibility for the crisis that Texans are in and for the Republican Party that got us here.

Texans are still facing catastrophic circumstances. They need clean water and they need it now. As our head of state, the buck should stop with the Governor. But not in Abbott’s Texas. All Texans get from Abbott is excuses and avoidance.

“Make No Mistake: Greg Abbott killed Texans. Plain and Simple.”