October 5, 2017/Media, Press

BREAKING: Republican AG Ken Paxton’s legal defense fund under investigation

Austin, TX — “State officials are broadening their investigation of Attorney General Ken Paxton by looking into his $500,000 legal defense fund, a special prosecutor said Wednesday.” [Houston Chronicle, October 5, 2017]

Texas Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“Every minute Ken Paxton spends cutting deals with his wealthy political donors to keep himself out of prison is a minute not spent defending the best interest of Texans.

“Once again, the Texas Rangers and special prosecutors are looking into every part of Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawlessness. Surely every Texan can agree, this state needs a top lawyer that isn’t facing 99 years in jail.”

Additional Background:

  • “A probe into the embattled first-term Republican’s legal defense fund is the newest development in the more than two-year-old case against Paxton, who is accused of securities fraud and failing to register with the state as an investment adviser. Paxton is expected to face trial in 2018.

  • “According to state records, Paxton has raised $546,700 in two years for his legal defense fund to fight accusations he broke securities laws when convincing friends and colleagues to invest in a North Texas tech company, Servergy, Inc., without disclosing he would make a commission. The charges are unrelated to his tenure in public office.”

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