July 9, 2020/Blog, Media

????BREAKING???? Supreme Court Rules Donald Trump Must Release Tax Returns to New York Prosecutors

Today, the Supreme Court affirmed that Donald Trump cannot block the release of his tax returns to prosecutors in New York, despite his attempts to conceal his history of dishonorable financial practices. 

The American people deserve to know the depth of Trump’s corruption.

Every major presidential candidate since 1976 had released at least one full tax return. Trump broke with decades of precedent and refused to release his tax returns after saying for years that he would if he ran, and suggesting that candidates are hiding something if they don’t.

“No one is above the law – not even the president. Today is a victory for accountability. The American people deserve to know the depth of Donald Trump’s corruption. Reporting has already revealed Trump’s long history of tax fraud, dubiously avoiding taxes, and potentially paying bribes to lower his tax bill,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “But we haven’t gotten the full truth because Trump has broken with decades of precedent by refusing to release his tax returns after saying for years that he would.” 

Trump broke his promises and repeatedly sued to block his taxes from being released to criminal and congressional investigators.

Since assuming the presidency, Trump has gone to extraordinary lengths to stop his taxes from being released. He has relied on legally dubious arguments that lower courts have repeatedly ruled against. Trump claims he is above the law, cannot be criminally prosecuted, and should be able to hide his taxes from the American people.

In his majority opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote, “no citizen, not even the president, is categorically above the common duty to produce evidence when called upon in a criminal proceeding.”

Prior to today’s decision, we already knew the following: 

  • Trump paid close to nothing in taxes for at least five years.
  • Trump has repeatedly bragged about avoiding paying taxes — During one Fox News appearance he outwardly bragged: “She said maybe you didn’t pay taxes and I said well, that would make me smart because tax is a big payment.”
  • Trump stole from the American people by participating in tax fraud to build his fortune.
  • Trump has a long and fraudulent history of avoiding state and local taxes — even potentially paying bribes to get out of paying his fair share.

Despite the Republican Party’s reprehensible tactics to cling to power — their president was dully reminded this morning that he can no longer hide his decades-long history of corruption. 

Join Texas Democrats as we fight for transparency, justice, and a fair shot for all.