July 12, 2021/Media, Press

BREAKING: Texas Democratic State Lawmakers Once Again Make History, Breaking Quorum to Defend Voting Rights

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Democrats are once again making history. Right now, Texas Democratic lawmakers are walking out to break quorum in defense of voting rights in Texas and block further consideration of anti-voter bills HB 3 and SB 1 — a core subject of an irregular special session called by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

After Democrats historically blocked Republicans’ anti-voter efforts in the spring legislative session, Abbott called an irregular extra legislative session in order to resurrect the anti-voter legislation — Republicans’ main hope of holding onto power in the 2022 election. In response to Republicans’ escalation of their attacks on voters, Democrats continue to hold the line. With Republicans determined to pass anti-voter laws in Texas — already the hardest state in the nation to vote in — Texas Democrats are using every tool at their disposal to guarantee the right to vote remains intact for all Texans.


Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Today, by breaking quorum to block Abbott’s attacks on voters, Texas Democrats are making history. After Abbott dragged lawmakers back to the Capitol for his suppression session, Democrats are fighting back with everything we’ve got. We will not stand by and watch Republicans slash our right to vote, silence the voices of Texans of color, and destroy our democracy — all to preserve their own power. Our lawmakers have refused to be complicit in Republicans’ destructive attacks — and they’re doing what Texans need them to do: hold the line so that not one more anti-voter law can be passed in Texas.

“There’s no democracy without the right to vote. Once again, Democrats are standing strong and united to defend the right of every eligible Texas voter to make their voice heard. I’m incredibly proud of our Texas Democratic lawmakers, who continue to fight relentlessly on behalf of Texans, voters, and our democracy.

“Republicans are attacking our voting rights for one reason: they know their days in power are numbered, so they’re trying to cling to power the only way they can — by stopping us from voting. Texas Democrats have stood strong in the face of these attacks all year, and we will not let up. We will keep holding the line for our democracy and the voice of every single Texan.”