January 21, 2021/Media, Press

Breaking: Texas Democrats on Governor Greg Abbott’s Words Once Again Not Matching His Actions

Austin, Texas – Today, Governor Greg Abbott announced he was prioritizing efforts aimed at stealing money away from cities that reallocate law enforcement funding to enact police and social justice reforms that better protect communities of color.

Abbott’s pledge to “defund cities and counties” comes in the middle of the worst pandemic that our country has ever faced. Millions of Texas households have been infected with COVID-19. Over 33,000 Texans have died from the virus, with law enforcement and communities of color representing a disproportionate amount of that loss. Yet, the governor has done very little to slow the spread of the coronavirus or ensure the state has an adequate vaccine supply to cover these groups.

The governor’s promise also follows the January 6, violent right-wing terror attack on the US Capitol. Yet when Abbott learned the violent mob had taken the life of a US Capitol police officer; Silence.

Greg Abbott: When Did Abandonment = Support?


Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“If Greg Abbott wants to back our law enforcement officers in blue, he should start by first rooting out the violent extremism within his own party.”