August 4, 2022/Media, Press

Chairman Hinojosa Releases Statement on CPAC Opening in Dallas

DALLAS, Texas — Today, Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa released the following statement on the opening of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas: 

“It’s a shame that with all of the urgent issues facing Texas – including rural schools facing desperate staff shortages, increasing gun violence due to unpopular Republican-instituted lax gun laws, an electric grid again on the verge of collapse, a lack of affordable healthcare, and women being forced to carry pregnancies (no matter the toll) – our state’s Republican leaders would choose to spend their time warmly welcoming the most fringe of extreme-far-right figures from around the country and world to our great state.

“Let me be unequivocal: the values espoused by the speakers at CPAC – ranging from voicing QAnon support to flirting with white supremacy, from peddling dangerous lies about the 2020 election to giving a speech described as ‘pure Nazi’ – are not values shared by the vast majority of Texans. I hope that people around America and the world who see the terrifying vitriol spewed out this weekend at CPAC will realize that, though this extremist circus is taking place in Texas, this event absolutely does not represent Texans.

“Republicans will beat their chests this weekend about the brutal policies they’re shoving down the throats of Americans across the country – but let this week’s referendum results from dark-red Kansas be a reason for them to pause and realize: we the people will not stand for their brand of draconian authoritarianism. If they don’t understand that now, they’ll learn in November.”