October 24, 2019/Media, Press

Did Disgraced Republican Speaker Bonnen and Republican Brazoria County DA Jeri Yenne arrange a deal so Bonnen would step down?

AUSTIN, TX ⁠— Speaker Dennis Bonnen will not be prosecuted in his corruption scandal. Brazoria County District Attorney Jeri Yenne claims there is not “sufficient evidence” for criminal prosecution of the Republican Speaker for Bribery or Solicitation of a Gift by a Public Servant. [Brazoria County, Oct 24, 2019]

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“No one is above the law. Texans deserve to know if the corrupt Republican Speaker and the Republican Brazoria County District Attorney arranged a deal for him to step down instead of being dragged to court and jail.

“Texans know exactly what the Republican Speaker of the House said behind closed doors and now they deserve justice. So, where are the grand juries, subpoenas, and comprehensive reports?

“Dennis Bonnen’s political career is over. This is about the law and justice for Texans. Texans are pretty damn tired of Republican coverups, back-room deals, and charades.”