August 11, 2020/Blog, Media

Elizabeth Warren: “This Year, We Have a Real Shot at Flipping Texas”

Texas has a special place in my heart. Before I became a lawyer, let alone a U.S. Senator, I was striving to earn my education right here in Texas. That’s why I know, with all of us working together, 2020 is the year that Texas is going to turn blue.

Years ago, I got my second chance at college — for only $50 a semester — at the University of Houston, and it’s where I started studying why the path to economic security has gotten so steep and rocky for working families.

This year, we have a real shot at flipping Texas — as long as every voter can safely make their voice heard. But Texas Republicans are doubling down on voter suppression, so we need to fight back even harder.

For decades, the state GOP has used discriminatory voter ID laws and gerrymandering to make it harder for Texans to vote. Now, they’re asking Texans to make a heartbreaking choice: risk exposure to the coronavirus to vote, or sit this election out. Nobody should have to make that decision. That’s why I’m reaching out today and asking for your help.

Our friends at the Texas Democratic Party are fighting to make sure as many Texans as possible are able to vote safely — and they’ve set a huge goal of sending more than 815,000 vote-by-mail applications to Texans across the state. It’s a steep goal, but they can meet it if enough people pitch in to help out. Can you support their efforts today?

Something big is happening in Texas: recent polls show Joe Biden and Donald Trump just a few points apart, and Senator John Cornyn’s approval ratings are dropping.

Winning in Texas isn’t just about electing Joe Biden. We have a chance to send MJ Hegar to the U.S. Senate, expand our House majority, and elect leaders up and down the ballot who will fight for big ideas and bold reform — leaders who will put working people first.

If you agree every person should be able to vote without risking their safety or the safety of their community, I’m asking if you can make a contribution today.