June 22, 2020/Blog, Media

Greg Abbott Followed Donald Trump’s Reckless Blueprint When Undermining the Coronavirus Pandemic

For months, Governor Greg Abbott has undermined the severity of the coronavirus pandemic. Likely following the reckless blueprint laid out by Donald Trump, Abbott has lied about the numbers, ignored the advice of medical professionals, and congratulated himself for doing the bare minimum. The governor has spewed a false narrative at the president’s direction, however, his performance has cost thousands of Texans their lives. 

“Texas Democrats warned Republican Governor Abbott that rushing back into the way things were before the coronavirus without listening to medical professionals and scientists would be deadly,” said Gilberto Hinojosa, Chair of the Texas Democratic Party. “Instead, the governor decided to listen to his fringe right-wing base over the advice of medical experts.” 

Prior to taking any sort of concrete action, the governor, alongside Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton, left cities and municipalities to navigate the economic and health concerns of the pandemic, without so much as a semblance of statewide leadership. 

Even after Governor Abbott prematurely reopened the state, he managed to blame the spike in coronavirus cases on young people, without taking any responsibility whatsoever. He politicized the use of masks and exploited a global health crisis to limit access to the ballot box. All the while, Abbott had the audacity to tell a room of reporters, “there’s no need to be alarmed.” 

“In every single way, by every single metric, Governor Abbott and Texas Republicans have failed Texans,” Hinojosa continued. 

All of the crises we’ve experienced in 2020 have demonstrated just how misguided the Republican Party is. They have relied solely on misinformation and prejudiced logic to detract from their less-than-noble intentions. It has become abundantly clear that the widespread Republican resistance to the truth has deadly consequences.