September 12, 2017/Blog, Media

Harris County Democratic Party’s Emergency Response to Hurricane Harvey

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, members of the Harris County Democratic Party and the Texas Democratic Party met to devise a response to the worst natural disaster in the history of our nation. Our plan was two-fold, dubbed the “Texas Two Step.”

First, over Labor Day Weekend, nearly 100 HCDP volunteers came to our Harvey Phone Bank at the IBEW and HCDP HQ, calling over 6,000 and speaking with over 1,000 of our neighbors aged 60 years and older who were in House Districts hardest hit by Harvey. After asking if they and their families were OK, we asked if they were in need of an HCDP Volunteer Cleanup Crew to come help muck and clean up their home; if they were OK and were able to, we asked if they would volunteer and help those who were not OK and needed help.

Next, from Monday, September 3rd through Sunday, September 10th, we trained and sent out HCDP Volunteer Cleanup Crews twice a day, every day to homes needing help. In those long 7 days, 102 HCDP volunteers completed 132 cleanup shifts, helping over 50 of our most heavily impacted neighbors’ homes make huge strides in their recovery process.

In addition to all the individual volunteers who came out and did amazing work to help their neighbors, this project could not have been possible without the consistent and unyielding planning, organizing, and overall work from the following: Shelby Hansen, Katy Jewett, Ken Olive, and Stephen Abrams-Harrison. Thank you, we appreciate you and your talent, skills, and work!

We would also like to say a big special thank you to the following groups and Judicial Candidates for their amazing work this past week: Bellaire High School Young DemocratsUniversity of Houston College DemocratsUniversity of Houston Society of Women EngineersHarris County Young Democrats, as well as Judicial Candidates Scott DollingerLinda Dunson, and Leah Shapiro for their dedication, hard work, and for coming through when their neighbors needed them. We appreciate you and your neighbors who you helped appreciate you!

In addition to reaching out to those hit hard in our community, we also helped those closer to home; HCDP Primary Director Sharon Fuller was impacted by Harvey. Fortunately, we were able to find immediate boarding, as well as a long term housing solution. HCDP’s own Ken Olive, Rony Escobar, Jael Casiano, Dominique Davis as well Judicial Candidates Brian Warren, Beau Miller, Bill McLeod, David Fleischer, Josh Hill, Michelle Moore, and Stanley Santire have been helping Sharon pack and sort her belongings, and we are all looking forward to the day when she is back to 100%!