June 13, 2022/Media, Press

ICYMI: Across the State, Texas Democrats Hold Trainings and Office Openings to Train and Organize Voters

In East Texas, West Texas, South Texas, Texas Democrats Train Over 500 Texans

AUSTIN, Texas — Over the past two weeks, Texas Democrats held trainings and office openings across the state – through summits in East Texas, West Texas, and South Texas – training over 500 Texans. At the summits, Texas Democrats trained County Chairs and Democratic activists to organize local communities and energize their friends, families, and neighbors to vote for Democrats in the November elections. 

Events included:

  • A Summit in East Texas to rally and energize volunteers in the Tyler area, as well as a TDP field office opening in Longview
  • A Summit in West Texas to discuss engaging and turning out rural Democrats;
  • A Workshop in South Texas to train Democratic county chairs about communications tools, coordinated campaigns, and their statutory and political roles and responsibilities;
  • The Arena Academy and Summit in Austin to convene, connect, and support the next generation of campaign managers and staff members to strategize around the progressive causes that will define the 2022 midterm elections. 

“There are Democrats in every corner of this state – and it is the job of our party to reach out to them to help them organize their communities into supporting Democrats up and down the ballot,” said Jamarr Brown, Co-Executive Director of the Texas Democratic Party. “That’s why we’re not satisfied with only winning the ‘blue dots’ — we’re going to keep fighting until we’ve mobilized all the support we can, in urban, suburban, and rural parts of Texas. Events like the ones we’ve been holding over the past few weeks across the state are a demonstration of that commitment.”