August 9, 2019/Media, Press

ICYMI: Associated Press — Texas Republicans Relaxed Gun Laws After Recent Mass Shootings

Austin, TX — Today, the Associated Press revealed the devastating truth about Texas Republicans in the state legislature and Governor Abbott: After dozens of people, including toddlers and teenagers, were gunned down in separate mass shootings at a church Sutherland Springs and Santa Fe, Texas Republicans relaxed gun laws in the 86th Texas Legislature.

From the AP:

  • “The goal was not to limit access to weapons or ban assault-style rifles, but to expand gun rights. After a pro-gun legislative session applauded by the National Rifle Association, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed new laws that eased restrictions on where firearms can be carried, from schools to churches, apartments and foster homes, and barred cities from passing their own gun and ammunition sales limits.”


  • “After last weekend’s massacre of 22 people at an El Paso Walmart by an attacker with a military-style rifle, Texas’ Republican leadership is still unlikely to push for gun restrictions in a state that has long embraced firearms and has nearly 1.4 million handgun license holders, experts and advocates on both sides of the gun issue say.”


  • ‘“When Texas Republicans look at these massacres, they don’t blame guns, or gun laws. They blame people. They may blame institutions, schools, families, mental health, but not guns,’ said Mark Jones, political science professor at Rice University.”


  • “Texas’ resistance to tightening gun laws stands in contrast to how some Republican-led states have reacted after mass shootings. After a 2018 attack at a high school in Parkland, Florida, that state became one of more than a dozen with “red flag” laws, which generally allow law enforcement or family members to ask a judge to order the seizure or surrender of guns from someone deemed dangerous to themselves or others. Florida also raised the legal age of buying a gun from 18 to 21.”


  • “Texas has no restrictions on gun sales and allows licensed handgun owners to carry their weapons openly or concealed. Long gun or rifles, like the one used in the El Paso massacre, can be openly carried in public. Alice Tripp, legislative director and lobbyist for the NRA-affiliated Texas State Rifle Association, said Texans won’t follow other states on gun laws.”


  • “They made things worse,” said Gyl Switzer, executive director of Texas Gun Sense. ‘I went naively into the session thinking ‘Progress here we come.’ But we ran head on into this idea that more guns make us safer.”

Courtesy of the House Democratic Caucus



Overview of the Bill

HB 38

Rep. Canales

Require serial numbers for all newly manufactured and unmarked firearms

HB 86

Rep. Martinez

Creates an offense for reckless discharge of a firearm at no specific target

HB 95

Rep. Hinojosa

“Lie and Try” bill – would have created a state criminal offense for lying on a background check to try to purchase and gun.

HB 131

Rep. Moody

Relating to extreme risk protective orders and the prosecution of the criminal offense of unlawful transfer of a firearm;

HB 172

Rep. Bernal

Requires DPS to adopt rules on signs posting that a property can prohibit open carrying of a handgun

HB 195

Rep. Reynolds

Would have closed the gun show loophole by creating a criminal offense if a person knowingly sells a firearm to another person without complying with the Nation Instant Criminal Background Check System in the manner required by federal law.

HB 257

Rep. Blanco

Require schools to provide local law enforcement with a list of those authorized to have handguns on a campus

HB 316

Rep. Howard

Generate $1,000,000 for a public safety awareness campaign for firearm safe storage; passed as rider to the budget

HB 349

Rep. Blanco

Makes it a 3rd degree felony for anyone that owns or sells bump stocks that make it easier to rapidly fire a semi-automatic weapon

HB 544

Rep. Nevárez

Makes it a Class A misdemeanor if a person, through various legal proceedings, is identified to have an intellectual disability

HB 545

Rep. Nevárez

Makes it an offense to sell, rent, or otherwise transfer a gun to a person receiving mental health services or a known intellectual disability

HB 842

Rep. Hernandez

Relating to a central database containing information about offenders who have committed certain violent offenses against children or offenses involving family or dating violence.

HB 854

Rep. Moody

Makes it a 3rd degree felony if an adult makes a firearm accessible to child and it results in injury or death

HB 1163

Rep. Anchia

Allows cities over 750,000 to hold election on open carrying of handguns in that city

HB 1164

Rep. Anchia

Prohibits having a gun at an arena, stadium, golf course, automobile racetrack, amphitheater, auditorium, theater, museum, zoo, botanical garden, civic center, or convention center, unless the handgun is designed to be used at said event

HB 1165

Rep. Anchia

Provides guidelines for businesses posting signs about prohibiting open carrying of handguns

HB 1166

Rep. Anchia

Relating to wrongful exclusion of handgun license holders from certain property owned by or leased to a governmental entity and to certain offenses relating to the carrying of handguns on that property.

HB 1167

Rep. Anchia

Expands offenses for those who carry weapons at amusement parks or locations associated with schools or other educational institutions

HB 1168

Rep. Anchia

Prohibited handguns on airport tarmacs; bill was vetoed by Gov. Abbott.

HB 1169

Rep. Anchia

Regarding offenses for unregulated sales of firearms at gun shows

HB 1170

Rep. Anchia

Prohibits state retirement systems from investing in companies that manufacture firearm or firearm ammunition

HB 1171

Rep. Anchia

Relating to certain criminal offenses concerning the unlawful transfer or purchase of certain weapons to a person known to not be able to legally have a firearm

HB 1172

Rep. Anchia

Prohibits using a 3D printer for the manufacture of firearms

HB 1173

Rep. Anchia

Allows institutions of higher education to adopt policies prohibiting guns on campus

HB 1207

Rep. Rodriguez

Requires that an individual report the loss or theft of any firearm they own to a peace officer or law enforcement agency within 5 days. If it is discovered during the course of an investigation that an individual failed to report the loss or theft of a firearm they own, the individual may be charged with a Class C misdemeanor and lose their eligibillity for a License to Carry (LTC) for 5 years.

HB 1208

Rep. Rodriguez

Relating to the storage of firearms surrendered by a person subject to a magistrate’s order for emergency protection or protective order as a result of family violence, sexual assault or abuse, stalking, or trafficking of persons.

HB 1236

Rep. Goodwin

Would have allowed public college to opt out of “campus carry” and prohibit the possession of guns on campuses just live private colleges are allowed to do.

HB 1375

Rep. Meza

Requires DPS to creates rules and regulations regarding the private transfer of firearms

HB 1376

Rep. Meza

Requires DPS to creates rules and regulations regarding the private transfer of firearms

HB 1445

Rep. Rosenthal

Makes it a Class C misdemeanor for carrying a gun while intoxicated

HB 1713

Rep. Ramos

Requires a person to surrender firearms if convicted of certain types of family violence

HB 1945

Rep. Ramos

Prohibits bringing guns to a licensed child care facility on a campus

HB 2046

Rep. Ramos

Require TEA to establish and administer a grant pilot program to award grants to school districts and open-enrollment charter schools to fund mental health initiatives designed to address the prevention and impact of gun violence

HB 2115

Rep. Rosenthal

Exempts firearm safety equipment from sales taxes

HB 2280

Rep. Goodwin

Requires DPS to adopt rules on signs posting that a property can prohibit open carrying of a handgun

HB 2655

Rep. Rosenthal

Creates an active shooter emergency protocol for public school districts and requires active shooter response training for school district peace officers and school resource officers.

HB 2849

Rep. Goodwin

Creates a 1% tax on the sale price of the ammunition, firearm, or firearm accessory

HB 2949

Rep. Guillen

Relating to a license to carry a handgun for a person who is at increased risk of becoming a victim of violence

HB 3054

Rep. Gervin-Hawkins

Designated June as Firearm Safety Awareness Month

HB 3191

Rep. Moody

A person who is the subject of a family violence protective order or arrested for or charged with an offense involving family violence to surrender firearms owned by the person.

HB 3506

Rep. Talarico

Says that a license to carry a handgun in another state does not automatically transfer to Texas

HB 3507

Rep. Talarico

Requiring a national instant criminal background check in connection with firearm loans at a sport shooting range

HB 3508

Rep. Talarico

Provides DPS discretion in denying the issuance or renewal of a license to carry a handgun

HB 3812

Rep. Collier

Adds family violence misdemeanor as an item to flag in federal firearm background check database

HB 4017

Rep. Calanni

Prohibits identified members of criminal street gangs from obtaining a license to carry a handgun

HB 4021

Rep. Dominguez

Prohibits carrying a gun within 100 feet of any government court or court office; currently only on the premises.

HB 4341

Rep. Collier

Makes it a state jail felony if making a firearm available to a child results in an injury or death

HB 4496

Rep. Hinojosa

Relating to the attempt of trying to get a firearm when already prohibited.