April 3, 2019/Media

ICYMI: Don’t Be Fooled — Texas Republicans Gutted Our Schools for Years

ICYMI: Don’t Be Fooled — Texas Republicans Gutted Our Schools for Years


Austin, TX — Ahead of the public school finance vote today, it is important to remember that only one party has consistently championed our students and teachers. The Texas Democratic Party has made issues like fully funding our schools, raising teachers incomes, full-day prekindergarten, and creating a world-class public education system a winning campaign platform.


Meanwhile, over the past decade, Republicans in the state legislature have repeatedly cut school funding, refused to give teachers a raise, and pushed school voucher schemes.


For a full timeline of where both parties stand on public education, look no further than the last four legislative sessions:

2011: Republicans cut $5.4 billion from our schools [Texas Tribune, August 31, 2015]


2011:  10,717 teachers are laid off because of these cuts [New York Times, April 9, 2012]


2013: Democrats Trey Martinez Fischer and Sylvester Turner restore more than $2 billion that was cut from public education by Republicans. [San Antonio Express-News, May 19, 2013]


2015: **Crickets from Republicans**


2017: Lead by Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Republicans preoccupy themselves with bathrooms, instead of classrooms.


2018: ?BLUE WAVE ? Texas Democrats flip 12 state House seats and 2 state Senate seats in the midterm election. 18 Texas House Republicans barely held on to their seats by less than 10 points.


2019: Republicans finally interested in fully funding our schools.