October 15, 2021/Media, Press

It’s Been One Week And Greg Abbott Is Still Silent About Whether He Meddled To Sway H.D. 118 Election

AUSTIN, Texas — It’s been a full week since images emerged showing supporters of Republican House District 118 candidate John Lujan campaigning with the date of the runoff election — a date which had not been released to the public, to Democratic Nominee Frank Ramirez, or to voters. Gov. Greg Abbott hastily announced the date publicly the next business day after the images came to light, but more than a week later, the Governor remains silent on how the official Republican campaign gained accurate knowledge of the runoff date more than a week before that information was public.

These events raise serious questions about whether Abbott, who sets the date of the election, gave insider information to boost the Republican campaign and tip the scales in favor of the GOP candidate. Abbott’s silence continues to beg the question: did our governor meddle in our democratic process to sway it in his party’s favor? That’s the question every reporter should be asking Abbott.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“An entire week before the House District 118 runoff date was public, a John Lujan supporter — who is a local RNC affiliate — was handing out flyers paid for by the Lujan campaign telling San Antonians the date of the election. That date had not been announced. It hadn’t been shared with Democratic candidate Frank Ramirez, and it hadn’t been shared with voters. If the Lujan campaign had an entire week’s headstart on getting supporters to the polls — and got a boost in this election because they’re getting inside knowledge — that’s election interference, pure and simple.

“Abbott continues to govern by working in the shadows and behind closed doors — whether it’s passing legislation in the middle of night, or letting questions go unanswered regarding illicit action he may have taken to undermine our democratic process. There’s one person who sets the date of our elections: our governor. Yet a whole week later, Greg Abbott is still refusing to answer whether he leaked that information to the Lujan campaign and meddled in this election. If our governor gave insider information to his handpicked candidate in this election, every single Texan needs to know. I urge every reporter to ask Abbott whether he leaked election knowledge to the Lujan campaign, because this smacks of corruption and foul play. San Antonio voters deserve answers.”