March 3, 2021/Media, Press

Local Leaders Slam Governor Abbott’s Reckless Decision to Ignore the CDC and Put Texans at Risk

Local leaders from across the state are criticizing Governor Greg Abbott for ignoring CDC recommendations and putting the lives of millions of Texans at greater risk by lifting all coronavirus restrictions from his state.


Beto O’Rourke: “A death warrant for Texans. Add them to the 44,000+ killed as he failed to confront the pandemic & botched the vaccine rollout. And those who froze to death because he cares more about energy companies’ profits than keeping Texans alive. Abbott is killing the people of Texas.”

Julián Castro: “This decision isn’t based in science at all. It is a desperate political move by a politician scared that he’s lost a lot of support after his incompetence with the recent winter storm. It will cost lives.”

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: “I am more than disappointed and, in fact, stunned by the removal of the COVID-19 mandates in the State of Texas that has for many weeks been a hot spot for COVID-19.”

Rep. Joaquin Castro: “Governor Abbott’s failure to listen to science and medical advice will cost Texans their lives. This decision is reckless and dangerous—and a desperate distraction from the Governor’s dereliction of duty during the power outages. He’s putting politics above the people of Texas.”

Rep. Sylvia Garcia: “Governor Abbott’s decision to lift all COVID-19 restrictions is outrageously irresponsible.”

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner: “Every time we start moving in the right direction the Governor steps in and sets us back and makes all of our jobs harder. He minimizes the sacrifices of people and businesses. I just don’t get it.”

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, a Republican, called Abbott’s order “premature” and asked him to allow more people to get the vaccine.