August 24, 2020/Blog, Media

New Poll Alert: Joe Biden Is Leading in Texas

According to a new Public Policy poll from today, Joe Biden is beating Trump by one point in Texas — 48% to 47%. The last five out of eight polls have shown Joe Biden defeating Trump in Texas. 

As we’ve said before, the path to the White House runs through Texas. We are going to keep this lead all the way to November 3 — we will send Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House and elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

Our country has lost its way. The sense of togetherness that we have always aspired to — the sense of community that used to define the fulfillment of the American promise — is slipping away. 

Under Donald Trump’s Republican Party, we’ve become a nation that’s divided over what is the truth, and what is a lie. That’s because Republicans don’t give a flip about governing, or about our families. They only care about power. And Democrats are going to put an end to this horrific chapter in American history.

Together, we’re going to change the course of history and restore decency in the nation’s highest office, but we can’t turn Texas blue up and down the ballot without every Texas Democrat working together. Join us.