November 14, 2017/Media, Press

New Poll: Texans ready for change

Austin, TX — Public Policy Polling has released new information on congressional races across the country. The results are clear, Texas Democrats are poised for a huge year in 2018.

  • In TX-07 (suburban Houston), Texas Democrat at 49, Republican Rep. JohnCulberson behind at 39. (link)

  • In TX-32 (suburban Dallas), Texas Democrat at 48%, Republican Rep. Pete Sessions behind at 43. (link)

Texas Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“A wave is coming in 2018. Texans are ready for change and real solutions to the kitchen-table issues they face every day.

“We’re proud to see so many outstanding Democrats in congressional districts 7, 32, and across the state step up to lead. The fact is that while Republicans play fringe politics, Texas Democrats are fighting for great public schools, affordable healthcare, and an economy that brings back the middle class.

“Republican candidates and their agenda are disastrously unpopular and it’s no wonder why. In the past few months, Trump’s Republican Party has pushed for tax hikes on middle-class Americans to line billionaire pockets, crushed the dreams of immigrant youth, sabotaged healthcare, and defended the vile actions of White supremacists.”