July 30, 2019/Media

New UT-Tyler Poll Shows Nearly Every Democratic Contender Polled Beating Donald Trump in Texas

Austin, TX — In a new poll conducted by the University of Texas-Tyler, nearly every Democratic contender polled defeats Donald Trump in Texas. This poll becomes the fourth poll showing Democrats leading or tied with Trump in Texas.

The poll also has bad news for Senator John Cornyn, showing him with an abysmal 25% approval rating. 

Once again, say it loud, say it proud: Texas is the BIGGEST battleground state in the country.


To view the new poll, see below:


Texas Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Cliff Walker issued the following statement:

“Four polls in a row have now shown the same result: Texas is the biggest battleground state and the focal point of the Democratic offensive strategy.

“This our moment. We all know that once Texas goes blue, the Republican path to the White House will be blocked. Texas Democrats have momentum and are seeing all of the energy on the ground.

“Texans want leaders who will fight for them on issues like healthcare, education, and the economy. That’s why Texas Democrats are poised to win up and down the ballot.”