February 15, 2021/Media, Press

Over 2.7 Million Texans Remain Without Power While Greg Abbott Relaxes and Waits

This is the Definition of a Scandal: How Does the Biggest Energy Producing State in the Country Not Have Enough Energy to Keep Its Residents Warm?

AUSTIN, Texas — Like much of the country, Texas is experiencing unusually bone-chilling temperatures as a polar vortex brought freezing rain that caused road closures across the state. Unlike many of the other states in the country, Texas, led by Republican Governor Greg Abbott, didn’t adequately prepare despite knowing these temperatures would lead to unusual cold and power outages across the state.

Data shows that at least 2.7 millions Texans are currently without power. Many have been without power for over 12 hours now. Much like what we’ve seen over the course of the pandemic, this crisis is a direct result of Governor Abbott’s inability to lead or plan ahead.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott last month attacked President Biden’s green energy expansion plan and said it was a threat to Texans. Yet, if we had a governor open to alternative sources of energy, Texas might be in a situation in which we have energy reserves to efficiently power our state, instead of the reckless leadership we have witnessed time and time again from Greg Abbott. In fact, state energy officials say that most of the power knocked offline came from thermal sources — gas, coal, and nuclear.  If we had a Governor who listened to science and understood how to manage a crisis situation, we would not be in the situation that we’re in right now.

There is no reason whatsoever that Texas, a state that prides itself on a global energy leader, is the state with the most blackouts in the country (and it’s not particularly close.)

In every single way, Governor Abbott has failed Texas. Abbott must stop trying to play politics and come up with solutions for Texans, and there must be an investigation into yet another abysmal Texas response to a crisis situation. 

Texas Democratic Party Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Texas is in crisis. Many have gone 12 hours without electricity on the coldest night and day we can remember. People are freezing. Families can’t open their fridge, heat their food, or go grab supplies. Yet Governor Abbott continues to relax and wait. This is the Abbott way. An inability to manage crisis situations and an inability to govern and plan ahead when Texans need it the most.

“Abbott played politics with alternative sources of energy and now, thermal sources have been knocked offline. If Abbott cared more about doing his job than trying to scare oil and gas workers into voting for him, Texas should have been able to avoid this crisis.

“There is no reason at all that Texas — a state that produces the most energy in the country  — has millions of people without power. Abbott’s inability to govern is not only negligent but incredibly dangerous. Much like the coronavirus crisis, Abbott’s negligence has once again put lives at risk. Abbott owes an explanation to the people of Texas. And Texans deserve better than failed leaders who couldn’t lead their way out of a shoebox.”