October 22, 2019/Media, Press

RELEASE: After Today’s Victory for Texas, Texas Democratic Party to Dismiss Lawsuit Texas Democratic Party v. Sullivan

Austin, TX — After transparency and accountability was partially restored following Republican Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen decision to not seek re-election, the Texas Democratic Party announced today that it had accomplished what it set out to do and is dismissing its lawsuit “Texas Democratic Party v. Sullivan” from the Travis County District Court.

Texas Democratic Party General Counsel Chad Dunn issued the following statement:

“Texas Democratic Party and Rep. Ana-Maria Ramos’ conviction to enforce state law lead to this victory for transparency and accountability.

“The Texas Democratic Party and Rep. Ana-Maria Ramos filed this case with two goals: (1) obtain and make public the recording that was being secretly leveraged against state officials and (2) ensure the Speaker’s breach of the state’s campaign finance laws did not continue. With the release of the recording in response to our lawsuit last Tuesday and the Speaker’s announcement today that he will no longer seek re-election, we have fully succeeded in what we set out to do.

“The Texas Democratic Party will never stop fighting for the people of Texas. Texans are fed up with backroom deals, cover-ups, and unaccountable politicians who put the pursuit of power over everything. Speaker Bonnen not seeking re-election is just the beginning. It is clear now that the only way to restore ethics and transparency in our government is to elect more Democrats.

“Case dismissed.”