January 13, 2020/Media, Press

RELEASE: Texas Democratic Party Announce Largest Voter Registration Program in Texas History

Austin, TX — Today, the Texas Democratic Party announced its innovative 2020 voter registration program — the largest in Texas history.

To read about the new, expansive program, click here. 

For our voter registration program, the Texas Democratic Party plans to put 1000 field staff and canvassers on the ground across the state, mail Texans who need to get registered a voter registration card, proactively chase voter registration forms sent to Texans, working alongside fellow Democratic organizations to ensure these young voters are pinpointed for voter registration and mobilization, and foster a culture of registration. The Texas Democratic Party has also launched a year-long voter protection hotline where voters can get the information they need to register to vote and cast their ballot.

More highlights from the programs include:

  • We are going to have 1,000 field organizers and canvassers on the ground in 2020.

  • The Texas Democratic Party is gearing up to mail hundreds of thousands of voter registration applications to unregistered voters across the state.

  • We’re launching a year-round voter assistance hotline.

  • We are building machine-learning-based models to quickly identify the partisanship-leaning of new and low propensity voters so that campaigns can mobilize Democratic voters.

  • We are hiring dedicated staff to engage every part of our Democratic coalition — including our AAPI, African-American, Latinx, LGBTQ+, youth, and Disability communities — and to narrow the gap in rural committees.

  • The Texas Democratic Party is working alongside fellow Democratic organizations to ensure these young voters are pinpointed for voter registration and mobilization.

By the numbers:

  • We anticipate the voter rolls will swell to upwards of 18,000,000 registered voters in 2020.

  • The Texas Democratic Party is focused on registering the estimated 2,600,000 Texans who are likely to vote Democratic if they register to vote.

  • At the congressional level, we estimate there are 495,000 potential new Democrats in the eight DCCC-targeted districts.

  • We estimate 210,000 potential new Democrats in the 12 state house districts that flipped in 2018. Additionally, there are 315,000 potential new Democrats in 18 targeted State House districts for 2020.

Texas Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Cliff Walker issued the following statement:

“Texas is the biggest battleground state in the country. We know that our democracy works better when more people vote, not less. The rapidly emerging Democratic coalition in Texas has set the stage for historic Democratic gains at the ballot box. That’s why the Texas Democratic Party is proud to be launching our most expansive voter registration program yet.

“We are committing our resources to register and engage a new electorate that is more progressive and represents the diversity of our great state. Shifting the electorate in Texas is our top priority. We will win the White House, take out John Cornyn, send more Texas Democrats to Congress, break the supermajority in the Texas Senate, flip the Texas House, and elect hundreds of local Democrats across the state.”

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