April 21, 2020/Media, Press

RELEASE: Texas Democratic Party Launches RegisterTexas.com, Allows Texans the Ease and Access to Register to Vote During the Time of Coronavirus

Austin, TX — Today, the Texas Democratic Party unveiled RegisterTexas.com — a new, expansive online platform to help Texans register to vote in the safety of their own home during the time of coronavirus.

To read more about RegisterTexas.com, click here. 

RegisterTexas.com provides an innovative voter registration form that a user can fill out online. The Texas Democratic Party then sends every voter that completes the form at RegisterTexas.com a filled out application with a postage-paid envelope pre-addressed to the voter’s county voter registrar. 

All the voter has to do is sign the pre-filled application and then put it in the mail.

Texas is one of 11 states that does not have online voter registration. RegisterTexas.com aims to fill that void and allow voters the opportunity to register to vote without having to risk their health in a time of a pandemic. RegisterTexas.com is part of the Texas Democratic Party’s path to victory, which takes into account the nearly 2.4 million unregistered Democrats. The goal for our combined registration efforts is to support registration for upwards of 1 million new voters, helping us on our path to turn Texas blue. 

To view the expansive online platform, click here. 

Texas Democratic Party Voter Expansion Director Luke Warford issued the following statement:

“For decades, Texas Republicans have put forth some of the toughest voter registration laws in the country, like restricting online voter registration. In the time of coronavirus, these suppressive laws can be the difference between having the ability to vote and not. 

“To ensure that every Texan can register to vote safely in the time of coronavirus, the Texas Democratic Party built RegisterTexas.com, an innovative online platform to help Texans vote and fight back against Republican attempts to suppress the vote. 

“RegisterTexas.com will achieve two goals at once: helping Texas Democrats on our path to victory and fighting back against Texas Republican efforts to suppress the vote. For us, this is about inclusion and ensuring that every eligible Texan can access their constitutional right to register and vote safely. 

“In the age of coronavirus, in a state with no online voter registration, RegisterTexas.com could very well be the difference between winning and losing this election.”