July 30, 2019/Media, Press, War Room

RELEASE: Texas Democratic Party Releases New Digital Ads Targeting Affordable Care Repeal’s “Top Salesman” John Cornyn on Failure to Protect Pre-existing Conditions

Austin, TX — Today, the Texas Democratic Party launched digital ads targeting John Cornyn for his repeated attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and his refusal to protect healthcare coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.


Known as the Affordable Care Act repeal’s “top salesman,” John Cornyn continues to lie about his record on preserving protections for Texans with a pre-existing condition. Cornyn has also taken nearly $1.7 million from pharmaceutical and insurance industries over his twenty-year career in Washington and voted against lowering drug prices just last week.


Texas Democratic Party Spokesperson Brittany Switzer issued the following statement:

“Whether it’s lying about his record on pre-existing conditions or voting against lowering prescription drug prices, John Cornyn will stop at nothing until healthcare is taken away from millions. Texans can’t trust John Cornyn. After twenty years in Washington, Texans are ready to vote him out.”


To view the first of the new ads, see below: