April 7, 2020/Media, Press

RELEASE: Texas Democrats Unite Against Weeks of Racist Remarks from Texas Republicans

Austin, TX — Today the Texas Democratic Party, State Representative Gene Wu, Democratic nominee for Texas 22nd Congressional District and former diplomat Sri Kulkarni, Chairwoman of the Asian-American Democratic Club Ling Luo, and Emgage Texas Executive Director Nabila Mansoor hosted a press conference call to unite against weeks of Anti-Asian racism from Texas Republicans.

From Donald Trump to John Cornyn to Kathaleen Wall, Republicans everywhere have taken to racist dog-whistles to distract from their mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis. This racist rhetoric is dangerous to our Texas AAPI community, the fastest growing community in the state, and has already caused a “spike in prejudice” against Asian Americans.

To listen to audio from the event, click here.

State Representative Gene Wu issued the following statement: 

“This is a fair warning to the Republicans. The political play on this is obvious. Everybody sees through it. Nobody thinks that you don’t get that this is a racist dog whistle. People understand this and the community sees this. Mark my words, just as what happened to the Muslim-American community after 9/11, when the Republican Party went after the entire community, that entire community went from a Republican-leaning community to an overwhelming Democratic-leaning community. I think the same thing is going to happen here. We see you for what you really are.”

Democratic nominee for Texas 22nd Congressional District Sri Kulkarni issued the following statement: 

“My Republican opponent Kathaleen Wall and her TV ad that labeled COVID-19 as the ‘Chinese virus’ and said that ‘China poisoned our people’ is just the latest in a series of unacceptable and dangerous attacks from the GOP, using the tried-and-true tactics of distracting from poor leadership by scapegoating others, especially minorities. Over the last few years, Democrats have been focusing on things like healthcare while Republicans like Kathaleen Wall and President Trump have focused on demonizing immigrants. We’ve unfortunately seen this again and again in Texas, especially as immigrant communities, like the Asian community, rise and promise.”

Chairwoman of the Asian-American Democratic Club Ling Luo issued the following statement: 

“I feel I am the victim myself, together with the community because I am Chinese. Even though I am not personally getting attacked yet, I just feel so sorry for my community. Our community is living in fear right now, they do not dare to go outside. They do not dare to talk to non-Chinese or non-Asian people. We are very worried that the new Chinese Exclusion Act is coming up again because the leader of this country is repeatedly calling the virus a ‘Chinese virus’. That’s the danger we are facing, not only the verbal attacks, the physical attacks, but also the future, the break between these two countries.”

Emgage Texas Executive Director Nabila Mansoor issued the following statement: 

“I think it’s worth noting that the job of our elected officials is first and foremost to protect their citizens, protect the people in their communities. What we’re seeing in the Republican Party right now is a complete abdication of that duty by these irresponsible statements that are coming out from Senator John Cornyn or Republican candidates like Kathaleen Wall. What it’s doing is leading to a climate of hate at a time when we need a climate of us coming together in unity. For us Asian-Americans, what that translates into is something that we have seen over and over again. When our country is going through some serious trauma, the Republican Party brings out dog whistles and attacks that undermine a certain minority, whether they be Muslim-Americans or whether they be Asian-Americans.”