April 23, 2020/Media, Press, War Room

RELEASE: Texas Republicans Continue to Propose Cuts to State Agencies

At a Time Where Texans Need Social Services More than Ever, Governor Abbott Refuses to Be Transparent About How Much of the Budget He’s Willing to Cut

Austin, TX — Yesterday it was reported that Texas Republicans are proposing cuts to state agencies during a time where Texans need a strong state government more than ever.

Today, after it was reported that Abbott was proposing a 20% budget cut, Abbott held a closed-door, private conference call meeting where he denied the report. We’ll never know what was really said on the call because, yet again, Abbott decided to hold it behind closed doors. Meanwhile we all have already seen that what Texas Republicans say in public is not what they do behind closed doors.

Any budget cut would be devastating. These are our tax dollars. As Texas’ unemployment continues to rise, the Texas Workforce Commission remains overwhelmed with calls, and Texas still ranks dead last in healthcare coverage because of Abbott’s refusal to expand Medicaid, our underfunded and overwhelmed state agencies simply cannot afford any across the board cuts at this time.

Texas Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Cliff Walker issued the following statement:

“After holding yet another closed-door meeting, by all accounts, Governor Abbott joined the chorus of Republican calls to cut critical social programs that Texans rely on during a time of crisis.

“Make no mistake about it: cutting Medicaid or support for our recently unemployed Texans is completely off the table.

“These are our tax dollars. We are in the middle of the worst pandemic in recent history. Any budget cut would destroy our already cash-strapped state agencies and put Texas in complete and utter chaos. The Republican Governor suggesting we pull the rug out from under our sick and unemployed Texas is absolutely absurd.”