March 12, 2020/Media, Press

RELEASE: The Texas Democratic Party Announces New, Cutting-Edge Texas Partisanship Model

Texas Democrats Will Win in November Through Data

Austin, TX — Today, the Texas Democratic Party announced our Texas Model. Our Texas Partisanship Model will allow us to predict the partisan affiliation of potential voters in Texas with an unprecedented degree of accuracy to build the biggest Democratic movement this state has ever seen and help campaigns across our state prioritize their resources and time.

To read more about our new, innovative Texas Model, click here.

Our model is more accurate than other models available to Texas, has scores for 99.99% of registered Texas voters, and updates more regularly than national models. This will help us quickly identify and target newly registered voters. Most importantly, it uses machine learning to become more accurate with every voter contact, adjusting its projections based on the latest data from the ground.

Other Highlights of our Texas Partisanship Model includes:

  • Trained and validated using only Texas data instead of relying on national trends to predict the behavior of Texans.

  • In our targeted Texas House districts, we observed significant growth in our Democratic targets after implementing this model.

  • Increased accuracy in predicting self-identified partisanship of more than 650,000 Texans.

  • By building the model in-house, we can incorporate new data quickly and deploy new insights directly to Democratic campaigns.

  • Already identified over 600,000 Texans for whom we previously lacked scores.

Texas Democratic Party Targeting Director Hudson Cavanagh issued the following statement:

“We are building the biggest Democratic movement this state has ever seen. Our Texas Partisanship Model is going to be our X factor in November. By making these innovative and unique investments, we built our own machine learning model that will help campaigns across the state prioritize their precious resources and time. We are proud to reimagine what a state party data team can achieve. Simply put, this is how we win.

“We are unifying data across our state and building a cohesive and cooperative Democratic operation. Together, we’ll build the tools necessary to win the White House, take out John Cornyn, flip several Congressional seats, break the supermajority in the Texas Senate, take back the Texas House, and win hundreds of local elections across the state.”

To read more about the program, click here.