October 16, 2019/Media

Reminder: Trump Promised Mexico Would Pay for His Wall. They Didn’t. We Are.

Dallas, TX – Ahead of tomorrow’s rally, Donald Trump is showing up to Texas with a trail of broken promises and with no real results for hardworking Texans.

The biggest Trump lie of them all: Mexico would pay for his stupid wall.

  • Trump promised to “make the military strong,” but diverted $38.5 million in military construction funds already appropriated by Congress for Texas’s Fort Bliss and Joint Base San Antonio, voted for and approved by vulnerable Republican Senator John Cornyn twice.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Trump’s border wall is a gross abuse of power, a waste of taxpayer dollars, a danger to our national security. It’s clear Trump doesn’t know a damn thing about Texas. Texans don’t cower. We don’t hide. We don’t box ourselves in from the rest of the world. We won’t let Trump steal our land, threaten our economy, or insult our state. We champion a big bold version of America, welcome newcomers, and fight everyone’s fair shot to get ahead.”