February 19, 2021/Blog, Media

Resources for Texans during the 2021 weather and energy crisis

This is an incredibly difficult week for Texas. Texas Democrats are thinking of all our neighbors who are going through this, and working to get resources to folks across the state.

Too many Texans are struggling right now. Texans are worrying about keeping our families warm and safe, and finding our next meal. We’re worrying about when the power will come back on, and when our water will be safe to drink.

No one should be going through this. It is an outrage that our state’s leadership has failed us this way. The most important thing right now is to keep Texans safe. If you or your loved ones need help finding a warm place to stay, or food and water near you, here is a comprehensive list of resources:

If you are safe and want to support your neighbors, or live outside of Texas and are wondering how you can help, help get food to Texans in need by supporting Feeding Texas:

Hang in there, y’all. We are here for you.