November 19, 2021/Media, Press

Rittenhouse Acquittal Establishes White Conservatives and Vigilantes Seeking Violence are Protected in Today’s America

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Democratic Party Co-Executive Director Jamarr Brown issued the following statement on the Rittenhouse acquittal Friday:

“Like many people across the country, I am outraged, but unfortunately not surprised, by this acquittal. Today’s verdict gives the green light to every white person who seeks to use their privilege to cause harm in our communities and offers further confirmation that their white privilege will protect them. Regardless of the level of violence or evidence presented, there are very distinct prejudices in our laws that are based on race, with the intention to offer protection for certain individuals.  Throughout the course of the trial, Judge Bruce Shroeder repeatedly asserted his power to provide his personal opinions in the case. Our judges are the center point of our justice system, and judges like Bruce Shroeder should be immediately removed for not upholding their oath to ensure a fair and balanced trial. 

“Today’s acquittal not only exposes Wisconsin’s broken and corrupt justice system — it also encourages a rising movement among conservative vigilantes looking for validation to violently attack and assault those who are rightfully demonstrating and protesting. They have been given a license to unofficially police and execute protesters at their own discretion. Everyone watching this case should be terrified to see that murderers are now being deemed heroes in our society. 

“For many Black Americans, this case may not have had the same result. The pattern has shown us that for someone to be Black and illegally armed in this country, your fate would not be the same. For Rittenhouse and others like him, there are seldom any consequences as we are reminded today.

“Today is a dark day for justice and equality and a glaring signal to the nation that there is still much work to be done before we can move forward  confidently in a justice system that is meant to represent and protect us all.”