April 22, 2020/Media, Press

ROUNDUP: Texas Democratic Party Launches RegisterTexas.com to Register Texans Safely and Effectively During the Time of Coronavirus

Austin, TX — Yesterday, the Texas Democratic Party launched RegisterTexas.com, an innovative, new online platform aimed to help Texans register to vote from the safety of their own homes during the time of coronavirus.

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RegisterTexas.com continues to receive significant attention.

For a partial roundup of RegisterTexas.com coverage, see below:


“The Texas Democratic Party launched a new website today aimed at making it easier for Texans to register to vote during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“RegisterTexas.com, which launched Tuesday, is designed to make it easier for younger voters, low-income voters and communities of color to register to vote in the coming months.”

The Huffington Post: 

“The Texas Democratic Party announced on Tuesday that it plans to send voter registration applications and postage stamps to every Texan looking to vote in 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic makes in-person get-out-the-vote efforts nearly impossible.

“Luke Warford, voter expansion director for the Texas Democratic Party, said the Register Texas website is designed to mimic the ease of in-person voter registration at a time when health officials are encouraging Americans to practice self-isolation to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.”

The American Independent:

“The Texas Democratic Party on Tuesday announced a creative way to expand voting rights during the coronavirus crisis, a move that comes as Republicans in the state and around the country are attempting to make it harder to vote.

“The party announced Tuesday that it had created RegisterTexas.com, a site on which voters can safely register to vote from home without having to risk their health during the coronavirus pandemic. The site automatically redirects to a page hosted by the party where Texans can check their voter registration status, update their registration, or begin the voter registration process.”

The Fulcrum:

“To ease this burden, the state Democratic Party launched “Register Texas,” an online tool allowing any resident, regardless of political affiliation, to request a registration form and have it mailed to them along with a postage-paid envelope already addressed to the proper county clerk. Visitors to the site can also check and update their registration status.

“Texas has about 16 million registered voters. The Democrats believe there are as many as 5 million people in the state who are eligible but not registered.”

Houston Chronicle:

“The party this week rolled out a new website where people can get about as close to registering online as possible in Texas, one of only 11 states that don’t allow online registration. Voters can go to the website, fill out a registration form, which the party will print and mail them, along with an envelope and stamp, so all they have to do is sign the form, put it in the envelope and drop it in the mail.

“The Democrats now have a team of organizers making ‘wellness check’ calls to seniors across the state, another new outreach effort. They ask those residents, who are eligible to vote by mail, how they are faring during the coronavirus outbreak, then make sure they’re registered to vote, as well.”

Texas Tribune:

“The Texas Democratic Party today unveiled a new online tool to make it easier for people to register to vote from home during the coronavirus pandemic. The tool, called Register Texas, allows users to submit their information on the party’s website, and then the party sends them filled-out applications with postage-paid envelopes pre-addressed to their county voter registrars. In addition to addressing coronavirus concerns, the tool aims to serve as a workaround for online voter registration, which Texas doesn’t have. As part of its 2020 strategy, party officials are targeting nearly 2.4 million Texans who they believe will vote Democratic once registered.”