June 10, 2021/Media, Press

ROUNDUP: Texas Democrats Remain in National Spotlight With Launch of 2022 Voter Registration Strategy

AUSTIN, Texas — After Texas Democratic legislators made national headlines with last week’s heroic walkout to block Senate Bill 7, Texas Democrats are once again gaining statewide and national attention — this time, with the launch of our 2022 voter registration strategy. The following is a roundup of coverage on the unveiling of Project Texas, Texas Democrats’ comprehensive plan aiming to register the more than 2 million likely Democratic voters in Texas by the 2022 elections.

From the New York Times:
“With Republicans moving to pass new voting restrictions in the state, Democrats are starting a major statewide registration program focused on racially diverse communities….‘Such Republican efforts have ‘increased the need for this work,’ said Luke Warford, the chief strategy officer for the Texas Democratic Party. The voter registration effort, he continued, ‘is certainly a way to combat voter suppression, and we need to combat voter suppression in other ways, too, like the federal government to pass the For the People Act, or our House members to stop whatever the next iteration of S.B. 7 is in a special session.’”

From the San Antonio Current:
“The initiative comes as Republicans, in the wake of the 2020 election, have introduced bills in nearly every state house that would make it more difficult to vote. While GOP officials defend the measures as ‘election integrity’ legislation, voting-rights groups argue they’re intended to keep people of color away from the polls to suppress Democratic votes….Of Texas’ 2 million unregistered likely Democratic voters, half are Latinx, 20% are Black and a quarter are 25 or younger, according to the Texas Democratic Party. Outreach to those groups will be key to flipping the Legislature and statewide offices, which have long been in Republican control.”

“A group of Texas Democratic lawmakers and representatives have set a goal to register 2 million new voters by the midterm elections in 2022….‘Getting people engaged at a young age, having them understand your program, understand what you stand for and mean is critical,’ Rep. Rafael Anchia (D-Dallas) said.”

From ABC Dallas:
“The Texas Democratic Party on Tuesday announced its largest voter registration drive in its history, an effort to get 2 million Texans signed up as new voters….‘Beto [O’Rourke] got within 225,000 votes [of defeating incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz in 2018]. Joe Biden came within 600,000 [votes of winning a majority in Texas], so that’s our margin,’ said Gilberto Hinojosa, the state party chairman. ‘There are over two million people that are not registered to vote that fit in that Democratic profile.’

“‘We fought against the neanderthal voter ID law and really won in the lower courts. It is clearly an opportunity for us now to say, ‘we’re not going to be denied,’ said Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Houston) on the Zoom call.’”

From KXAN:
“‘We need to do everything we can to counter these attacks, get people to the polls, help Texans make their voices heard, and make their voices be heard loud and clear,’ State Rep. Senfronia Thompson, D-Houston, said.’

“‘There is a really a treasure trove of young people who are politically aware and mobilized, reacting against the autocracy of not only Donald Trump, but his neighbors here in the state of Texas and they’re ready to get involved in the electoral process,’ said State Rep. Rafael Anchía, D-Dallas, who serves as chair of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus.”

From The Hill:
“Texas Democrats on Tuesday rolled out an expansive voter registration drive amid a fierce fight over Republican legislation that would curtail access to the voting booth….‘Our takeaway from the 2020 election is clear: if we want to save our state from Texas Republicans and their extremist agenda, we need to register more voters. And we know that our path to victory is grounded in investing in the inclusion of all Texans, especially those in underrepresented communities across the state,’ said Texas Democratic Party chief strategy officer Luke Warford.”

Texas Democratic Party Chief Strategy Officer Luke Warford issued the following statement:

“It’s no wonder that the country is once again watching Texas — because in response to some of the most brazen Republican attacks yet, Texas Democrats are strong and united in standing up for the rights of Texans. We saw it last week, when Texas Democratic legislators made history by walking out of the Capitol to block Republicans’ racist assault on voting rights. Now, Texas Democrats are launching full-tilt into Project Texas — our strategy to register the more than 2 million unregistered voters, the vast majority of whom are people of color, in Texas who would likely vote Democratic if they were registered to vote — because we refuse to allow Republicans to silence the voices of millions of Texans.

“This spring, Republicans made their strategy clear: they are so afraid of being voted out of office that they are simply trying to stop Texans from voting. Voter registration is an immediate and concrete way we can fight back — by helping more Texans get to the ballot box. With Project Texas, we’re taking the fight to Texas Republicans, helping eligible Texas voters make their voices heard, and pushing forward to take back our state.”