May 26, 2021/Media, Press

SB 29 and More Than 40 Other Terrible Republican Bills Are Now Dead Because Democrats Blocked Them

AUSTIN, Texas — Tuesday night, to the immense benefit and relief of Texas families, Republicans’ cruel anti-child legislation Senate Bill 29 missed the midnight deadline to move forward in the legislature. This hateful bill is now dead, and it’s not the only one. With Texas’ 87th legislative session set to wrap up in just five days, Democrats are spending another week fighting hard against Republican legislation that will harm Texas communities.

Republicans have spent the session attacking almost everyone in almost every way possible — from slashing voting rights, to harming trans kids, to gutting abortion access. However, thanks to Democrats’ efforts to stall and block bad Republican legislation, a number of harmful Republican bills from this session are now officially dead. Here are a few terrible Republican bills that will never become law:

  • Senate Bill 29, which would have banned trans kids from playing sports on teams that match their gender identities. This cruel, child-attacking bill would have cut kids out from the many social and developmental benefits of team sports, and opened the door to invasive privacy violations.
  • House Bill 1424, which would have allowed medical providers to discriminate against LGBTQ+ Texans and made it harder for people to get health care
  • House Bill 369, an HIV criminalization bill rooted in stigmatization and discrimination against LGBTQ+ Texans
  • House Bill 68, which aimed to stop trans youth from getting lifesaving gender-affirming health care — by labeling parents’ provision of this lifesaving health care and support as child abuse
  • More than FORTY anti-voter bills that would have made it harder for Texans to cast their ballot, including
    • House Bill 1026, which could have disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of Texans by requiring voter registration applicants to provide documentary proof of U.S. citizenship as a condition of registration;
    • House Bill 3556, which would have required inconvenient in-person training of volunteer deputy registrars instead of allowing these volunteers to get trained online.

Texas Democratic Party Voter Protection Director Rose Clouston issued the following statement:

“We’ve seen so much incredibly harmful, callous, and damaging Republican legislation this session. However, at every step, Democrats were there, doing everything they could to block these bad bills. Thanks to our Democratic champions in the Texas House and Senate, more than 40 Republican voter suppression bills filed this session will not become law. Democratic lawmakers and progressive organizations have fought tirelessly all spring long to defend our voting rights, protect trans kids, safeguard abortion access, and expand health care across Texas.

“This session, we saw many times what we already knew to be true: Texas Republican politicians are a threat to our public safety, our health, and our rights. The only way to keep Texas safe from the dangers of the GOP is to defeat Republicans and elect more Democrats. The Texas Democratic Party is fighting harder than ever to lay the groundwork to defeat Republicans up and down the ballot in 2022. From registering more voters to defending our right to vote, we are doing the work to make sure that after the next election, Texans will finally have the leadership they need and deserve.”