August 3, 2022/Media, Press

Texas Democratic Party Announces Staff Leadership Additions, Transitions

AUSTIN, Texas — Today, the Texas Democratic Party is proud to announce several additions and transitions to and within the Party’s staff leadership team, including:

  • Hannah Roe Beck, Special Advisor to the Chair (previously Co-Executive Director)
  • Jamarr Brown, Executive Director (previously Co-Executive Director)
  • Ike Hajinazarian, Communications Director (previously Deputy Communications Director)
  • Kevin Li, Data and Analytics Director (previously Lead Data Scientist)
  • Ceryta Lockett, Chief of Staff (previously Chief Operations Officer)

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement: “I’m proud to share these updates on our 2022 staff leadership team at the Texas Democratic Party. Our team is extraordinary: with a broad base of experience from Presidential campaigns, the White House, and top notch campaign management across the state. Following our successful Convention in Dallas, it’s now time to orient ourselves toward the upcoming midterms elections and do the necessary work to flip this state – and I am confident our rockstar team has the skill, talent, and determination to make that happen.”

Hannah Roe Beck, Special Advisor to the Chair, issued the following statement: “It’s been a great honor to serve as the Interim Executive Director and Co-Executive Director of the Texas Democratic Party for the last 18 months. I’m beyond proud of the team we’ve built and the work we have accomplished together. I’m excited to step into this new role and begin the next chapter of the Texas Democratic Party alongside my exceptional colleagues. With the enormous challenges facing our state right now – from the urgent fight for abortion rights, to our house-of-cards electric grid; from the constant threat of gun violence, to rampant corruption across our state’s Republican leadership – there’s no time to wait. Let’s get to work.” 

Executive Director Jamarr Brown issued the following statement: “I am honored to serve as the Texas Democratic Party’s Executive Director – and I’m thrilled to continue making history and working alongside some of the best political professionals in the country. With the work of this leadership team, as well as the entire Party staff across Texas, we are going to flip this state – and finally elect leadership that will fight for quality education for our children, access to quality healthcare for all Texans, safety from gun violence, and a quality of life that does justice to our incredible state. From now until the midterms, this team will be laser-focused on winning back our state for hard-working Texan families – because these upcoming midterm elections are arguably the most important any of us Texans have ever known, with so many of our basic rights hanging in the balance.”