June 17, 2022/Media, Press

Texas Democratic Party Announces Unofficial Results of Recount in CD-15 Primary

MCALLEN, Texas — Today, after Wednesday’s manual recount of the votes in the CD-15 primary runoff election, the Texas Democratic Party announced that Michelle Vallejo has secured enough votes to earn the Democratic nomination for U.S. Congress from the 15th Congressional District. 

“The Texas Democratic Party is fully behind our nominee, Michelle Vallejo, and we’re going to put in the hard work required to send her to Washington D.C. to represent South Texas,” said Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa. “We congratulate Michelle and her team for the work they put into this campaign to show voters that Democrats are fighting for them – and thank Ruben Ramirez and his campaign for their dedication to this community as well.”

County-by-county results can be found in the table below:

County Name Original Vote Count – Vallejo Original Vote Count – Ramirez New Vote Count – Vallejo New Vote Count – Ramirez
Brooks 72 141 72 141
Guadalupe 542 457 542 457
Hidalgo 4,728 4,638 4,730 4,640
Jim Wells 231 280 236 281
Karnes 77 104 77 104
Live Oak 44 55 44 54
Wilson 385 374 385 374
TOTAL 6,079 6,049 6,086 6,051


In counties throughout the District, recount committees were appointed and worked in teams of three to manually recount the ballots. While one person read the ballot, the other two independently tallied the votes. 

Both campaigns were provided the opportunity to send representatives to all of the recount sites. 

The Texas Democratic Party worked to support the County Recount Committees throughout the recount process until every last vote was accurately and transparently tallied.