January 27, 2020/Blog, Media

Texas Democrats Announce 22 Targeted State House Districts Ahead of 2020

The Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee and Texas Democratic Party are excited to announce our target list of the most competitive State House districts ahead of the 2020 election. In partnership with allied organizations, we are committed to spending tens of millions of dollars to fund this unprecedented effort.

Texas Democrats only need to win nine seats to flip the Texas House. In 2018, the top of the Democratic ticket won a majority of state House districts (76-74), laying out a clear path to victory. We aren’t stopping there. Twenty-two Republican-held seats were won by less than ten points by the top of the ticket in 2018. We are targeting every single one of these seats in 2020. Together, Texas Democrats and allied organizations have developed a modern and unprecedented data-driven strategy, which includes a robust allied organizing infrastructure, candidate support services, and cutting edge technology. We are strategically channeling critical resources into Republican-held districts that, based on significant changes to demographics and electoral trends, are likely to flip from red to blue.

Our candidates are fighting for good neighborhood public schools, affordable healthcare for all Texans, and common-sense gun safety measures such as red flag laws and ending the background check loophole to protect Texans. Republicans in the Legislature have opposed these popular positions at every opportunity. Voters are sick and tired of Republicans who won’t do what’s right for Texans. 

“Texas is the biggest battleground state in the country. Republicans see the writing on the wall, and they’re scared,” Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia said. “Flipping the Texas State House is the top strategic imperative for the Texas Democratic Party, because we know that when we flip the Texas House, we will reshape our nation. With Democrats in power, millions of Texans will finally have access to affordable healthcare, we’ll put an end Republican gerrymandering, and we will build a state government that works for all people. Our Democratic candidates are poised to win because they understand the urgent needs of their communities and a whole coalition of strong progressive organizations have their back.”

Texas Republicans have mishandled crisis after crisis. Not only do Texas Republicans have to run with a hopelessly unpopular Trump leading their ticket, the Texas Republican Party has been embarrassed by scandal after scandal. Even disgraced Speaker Bonnen admitted that Trump is “killing” Republicans in suburban and urban areas.

“Texas Republicans remain in chaos. From Donald Trump to Dennis Bonnen, John Cornyn to Greg Abbott, the modern-day Republican Party has been defined by its scandals and abuses of power,” Garcia continued. “Texas Democrats offer a greater vision for this state – where every Texan has a fair shot to get ahead. That’s why we will flip the Texas State House.”

The Republican’s problems further down the ballot are just as devastating: After a political career spanning decades, Texas Senator John Cornyn is still unknown or not liked by upwards of two-thirds of Texas voters. So many Texas Republican Members of Congress have been running for the hills that the national press gave it a new name: “Texodus.” Additionally, several high-profile Republican state representatives have had to retire due to scandal, including Republican Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen when he debased the state House’s highest office by secretly scheming in the Capitol with dark money operative Michael Quinn Sullivan.

“Democrats head into 2020 well-positioned to flip the Texas House. Our strong and diverse field of candidates offer a compelling vision for the future of Texas. Our candidates stand in stark contrast to House Republicans who are profoundly out of touch with their rapidly diversifying districts,” said Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee Executive Director Andrew Reagan. “Republicans see the same data we do. That’s why five Republicans in targeted seats have already decided to retire instead of facing defeat in November,” he continued. “Together with the TDP and allied organizations, we are coordinating an unprecedented effort to win these targeted seats. The Texas House has a Democratic lean, and in 2020 the Texas House will flip.”

In short, Republicans at every level are failing in office and vulnerable at the polls. In order to ensure Texas Democrats maximize progressive gains at the ballot box, we have formulated a winning strategy to flip key Texas House districts and turn Texas blue up and down the ballot.

In addition to these 22 districts, we will keep watch for potential opportunities to flip any of the additional 35 Republican-held districts being challenged by Democratic champions, and we will provide support to ensure each is as competitive as possible. 

2020 Target Districts