August 20, 2021/Blog, Media

Texas Democrats Are Entering the Next Stage in the Fight for Voting Rights

Texas House Democrats’ near-record streak of breaking quorum has come to a close, and our movement is heading into the next stage of the fight. After 38 days of breaking quorum to resist Republicans’ attacks on voters, Texas Democrats are taking the fight back to our State Capitol — where we’ll continue to fight tooth and nail against Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans’ attacks on our right to vote.

Now, Texas Democrats are continuing the fight on all fronts — and we need your help. This Monday, in the House Constitutional Rights & Remedies Committee, a hearing is moving forward on Republicans’ anti-voter bill SB 1, and our legislators need to hear loud and clear that Texans oppose these attacks. Call these committee members TODAY and urge them to oppose these anti-voter bills:

Trent Ashby, Chair (R): (512) 463-0508

Travis Clardy (R): (512) 463-0592

Charlie Geren (R): (512) 463-0610

Jacey Jetton (R): (512) 463-0710

Stephanie Klick (R): (512) 463-0599

Brooks Landgraf (R): (512) 463-0546

J.M. Lozano (R): (512) 463-0463

Matt Shaheen (R): (512) 463-0594

Senfronia Thompson, Vice Chair (D): (512) 463-0720

Oscar Longoria (D): (512) 463-0645

Joe Moody (D): (512) 463-0728

Victoria Neave (D): (512) 463-0244

Ann Johnson (D): (512) 463-0389

John Bucy (D): (512) 463-0696

Our legislators need to hear from YOU about how these anti-voter bills will harm Texas communities. Here are just a few reasons why this bill will further restrict Texans’ freedom to vote:

  • Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 3 continue to be racist, anti-democracy bills that will cement Texas’s ranking as the hardest state in the country to vote in. These bills will make it harder for Texans to make their voices heard — especially voters of color, voters with disabilities, young people, and working Texans.
  • These bills will make it more difficult to access the ballot box, criminalize election officials for simple things like sending out vote by mail applications, embolden partisan poll watchers, and create additional barriers to voting for individuals with disabilities.
  • We deserve to be able to choose leaders who will fight for us and put people first. That’s what democracy is all about. SB 1 and HB 3 are a direct attack on our communities and our democracy — and I’m asking you to show up for Texans today by defending our freedom to vote.

Our fearless, dedicated Texas Democratic lawmakers have been putting in the work — and they’ve made major strides. In the last four weeks, our Texas Democrats in D.C. put the struggle for voting rights in the national spotlight — and stayed in the headlines week after week, showing our entire country exactly how urgent this fight is. They rallied a truly massive coalition, and held our federal lawmakers’ feet to the fire — and because of them, votes are moving forward on the voting rights legislation our country sorely needs.

The fight is just beginning. Texas Democrats are using every tool in our arsenal to combat Greg Abbott’s assault on our right to vote, and we’re in it for the long haul. Thank you for fighting alongside us to protect our most basic constitutional right: the right of every Texas voter to make their voice heard at the ballot box.