November 19, 2021/Media, Press

Texas Democrats Celebrate House Passage of Build Back Better

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement celebrating the House passage of Biden’s Build Back Better legislation:

“This morning, with the U.S. House passage of the Build Back Better plan, our Democratic leaders took a major step to make sure every Texas family has a real shot at getting ahead. President Biden’s Build Back Better plan will provide two years of free preschool for every 3- and 4- year old in the country, help more seniors get quality, affordable health care, fight climate change to keep our communities safe from extreme weather, and put money back in the pockets of families and working Texans. This is a historic push to make life better for working families in Texas and across the country.

“Every single Texas Republican member of Congress voted against cutting child care costs for working families, against helping seniors get the health care they need, and against making our communities more resilient in the face of climate change. When working families have more money in their pockets to cover the costs of raising kids, when Texans can rest easy knowing their older parents have the care they need at a price they can afford — they’ll have Democrats to thank, and Democrats alone. Republicans have done everything they can to block this common-sense legislation that’s good for families everywhere. They could not make it more clear where their priorities lie — and it’s not with Texas families.

“Unfortunately, the same goes for our Republican leadership at the state level. Just like the Texas Republicans who tried to block Build Back Better today, disgraced Gov. Greg Abbott has done everything in his power to make life harder for working families this year — throwing us under the bus in order to help his wealthy donors make more money. Today is one more reminder why we can’t afford another four years of Abbott’s anti-Texas, anti-family agenda. That’s why Texas Democrats are working every day to defeat Abbott and elect more Democrats who will put people first — just like our Democrats in the U.S. House did today.”